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Strict Search extension allows you to know if the domain you're currently visiting is malicious in just one-click.

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Product Features

We work tirelessly to provide you with more reasons to install Strict Search Extension to protect your online searches.

Real-Time Risk Detection

Strict Search lets you know the risk level associated to a particular website that you're currently visiting.

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Everything comes for a price but we're dedicated to provide you with a safest online experience without you having to pay for it.

Safe Search

You're secure when you know the safety level of a website that you're on. Just click on the extension to know.

How to use Strict Search Extension?

Strict Search informs you about the security level of a website that you're visiting when you click the extension icon at the top-right corner of your browser.

The protective algorithm analyzes your search results to inform you further:

  • If the website is safe, you'll be notified in green information about website security.
  • If the website is not secure for your visit, you'll be alerted with red warning signs and warnings.

Strict Search protects your online searches by changing your search settings which will be powered by Bing and informs you about any malicious website that you may visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Here's a list of the most asked questions from millions of users.

Q1. What is Strict Search?

Strict Search is a web extension for online security. As the name suggests, it provides you assistance while you surf on the internet and keeps you safe from various online threats. The Internet has now become the easiest way to invade any computer or device. Various hackers are waiting to steal your private data and information. They use different malware such as viruses, spyware, etc. to invade your system. And your offline virus protection program is not enough to deal with such threats. Hence, it is advised to use a safety browser extension.

Strict Search is the safety browser extension that your system requires to avoid cyber-attacks. It alerts you about a site if it contains any malicious item and helps you to have a safe browsing experience.

We agree that it is tough or impossible for hackers to dodge the internet security barrier of Strict Search. But, it is not at all difficult to install Strict Search extension on your system. Here are some of the simple steps to install Strict Search.

At first, you have to visit the website of Strict Search, and that is Then, after visiting the site, choose Add to Chrome.

Now add the extension to that particular web browser.

That’s all. Now you can fearlessly browse the internet with the assistance of Strict Search

It’s not rocket science to use Strict Search. If you are a novice, then also you can use this extremely easy to use and effective web security extension. Here are the steps that you can follow to enjoy a safer browsing experience by using Strict Search.

If you still haven’t added the Strict Search extension, then, first of all, add it to your web browser.

Once you've successfully added Strict Search extension to your browser, you may freely browse the internet. If you happen to land on a malicious website, the extension blocks your access then-and-there.

In case, you wish to know the safety standard of a particular website while you're visiting, just click the extension icon at the top-right corner, and it shows you the website information.

Those days are gone when someone has to use a USB device or any other physical storage device to inject a virus into your system. Now, most of the system security threats attack our PCs and devices through online resources. Hackers and other intruders have become more advanced. You never know if the website you are browsing contains anything malicious for your system and data. Hence, along with the offline system security, internet security also becomes crucial.

You can avoid these severe security threats with the help of an extension also. That extension is Strict Search. It alerts you about the websites that contain some malware or some other malicious item. The extension utility provides you with real-time security from online threats. That’s why you require Strict Search extension to be added on your web browser.